Thursday, March 13, 2014

Get a jump on those research papers! 

  • Go to AccessRio and click on Library.
  • Scroll down the Database box to see the Free Trials. 
  • Call, email, or come to the Ref Desk for help

These trial databases are a great supplement to our regular subscription databases. They are available for a limited time. For additional information contact Adele at: or another librarian.


Monday, October 07, 2013

Exercise your fREADom to read!

A new library display on the topic of Banned Books has been installed and we invite you to stop by to see it.  The timing coincides with the American Library Association's annual Banned Books Week, and the ALA and we encourage you to celebrate the fREADom to read!  Learn which titles have been most frequently challenged and/or banned in the last decade (including 2012's most challenged titles, the Captain Underpants series), and see which of them you can find right here in Rio Hondo's library. Read some of the arguments used in challenges, and see what some important thinkers have written about censorship.
Above all, Be Subversive: READ!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

News Flash: (Used) Textbook Sale!

The book sale truck in the entrance foyer of the library will have used textbooks for sale until Saturday, Oct. 5. If you're lucky, you might happen on a title that is still being used in one of the current courses this semester. Selling right now are Math, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, PE, History, and many more textbooks. The selection is updated regularly so make sure you check the book sale truck often.

Once you decide on a book to purchase, bring it to the circulation desk for payment. The minimum price for a paperback is 50 cents and for a hardcover $1.00. Now that's a real bargain!

These textbooks have been donated by students and faculty, or have been removed from the library's collection. Proceeds of our year-round book sale are used to purchase new books for the library. Come on over and save at the library!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The freshmen have arrived -- Welcome to Rio Hondo College and to the Library! We hope your educational journey here at Rio will be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

In 1998, two professors from Beloit College in Maine created the “Mindset List” describing the world view of incoming college freshmen. As a reminder to college faculty to keep their examples and references current, it proved immensely popular both in the US and around the world and has been updated every year since. Click on this link to read this year’s Mindset List for the Class of 2017, most of whom were born in 1995. If you were born that year, see how well the list describes you!
Some highlights:

·    Dean Martin, Mickey Mantle, and Jerry Garcia have always been dead.

·    They are the sharing generation, having shown tendencies to share everything, including possessions, no matter how personal.

·    Having a chat has seldom involved talking.

·    Rites of passage have more to do with having their own cellphone and Skype accounts than with getting a driver’s license and car.

·    Threatening to shut down the government during federal budget negotiations has always been an anticipated tactic.

·    Jurassic Park has always had rides and snack bars, not free-range triceratops and velociraptors.

·    Courts have always been ordering computer network wiretaps.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Lost, and Now Found!

It’s that time of the semester for the library to take stock of its Lost and Found collection, a good number of which consist of flash drives left in the workstations in the Computer Commons. Very often a flash drive may contain files of important school work or personal documents.  If you’ve lost one recently, come to the circulation desk at the front of the library and the staff will help you identify and reclaim it.

Please note that the library forwards lost-and-found items to the Security office in A-117 once or twice a year.

Pictured is a portion of the total number of flash drives found over the current school year.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Welcome back to another semester in Rio Hondo College!

If you've ever questioned who would still need libraries and librarians in this day and age (and why), here's an answer from librarian Ned Potter of the University of York in the UK. Watch it and let your Rio librarian know if you agree!

Rio Hondo College librarians:
Always here to help you!

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Now that finals week is winding down, you can finally get into the Christmas spirit! If you're just beginning your shopping and don't know where to start, how about giving books this year?

Fortunately, there is no lack of sources to help you decide which book titles to give as presents. Discover the American Library Association's 2012 notable books list for "25 very good, very readable, and at times very important fiction, nonfiction, and poetry books for the adult reader." The corresponding 2012 list of children's books - those "of especially commendable quality, books that exhibit venturesome creativity, and books of fiction, information, poetry and pictures for all age levels (birth through age 14) that reflect and encourage children's interests in exemplary ways" - is also available.

The Los Angeles Times has just published a special Holiday Books Guide section, and the New York Times its lists of 100 Notable Books of 2012, 10 Best Books of 2012, and Notable Children's Books of 2012.

Browse Amazon  for their editors' selections of the best books of the year (don't forget the Kindle version too) as well as Barnes & Noble for their holiday books suggestions (both print and Nook versions).

For more suggestions, consult the librarians at your nearest public library.

Happy shopping, and a safe and joyous holiday season to all.  See you back in school when the spring semester starts on Jan. 26, 2013!